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Language classes are currently held online via ZOOM.

Crab Dinner Fundraiser
Thanks to Everyone Who Attended!

February 11, 2023  •  5:30pm

Photos | © Diane Dias, Mike Moyle, Bobby Meneses

Welcome to the Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center

The IDESST Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center (formerly IDESST Sausalito Portuguese Hall) was established in Sausalito, California in 1888 as a focal point for Portuguese culture and traditions in Marin County. First and foremost is the Azorean tradition of the "Festa do Espírito Santo" (Festival of the Holy Ghost), which was brought to California by early immigrants from the Azores.

Marin County has a long history of Portuguese immigration, and the Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center remains a gathering place for descendants of those immigrants seeking to explore and re-connect with their rich Portuguese history, culture and roots. The Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center continues to serve its members, their families and future generations by preserving and promoting that Portuguese heritage into the 21st century.

The Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center sponsors fun and exciting events, many of which are intended for the entire family. In addition to the Holy Ghost Festa, the Center sponsors or promotes a monthly Sip & Savor informal social gathering, a Summer BBQ, the “Festa de Natal” (Christmas festival), Portuguese language lessons, and other cultural activities. Of course, no Portuguese event is complete without food and wine and the Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center is fortunate to have the dedication and Portuguese gourmand culinary explorations of Manuel Azevedo, the owner and Executive Chef of LaSalette, the renowned Portuguese Restaurant in Sonoma.

Explore our website. Come to our events, become a member, reconnect with your Portuguese heritage, discover new Portuguese resources in the North Bay, and learn more about the long history of the Portuguese presence in our region.

Growing our Center for the Future

We were founded in 1888 by those who toiled the land in Marin County and surrounding areas used their hands, minds and souls to make their imagination a reality. We, too, must continue their quest by relying on our Catholic faith and perseverance to exit this horrendous health delay stronger, safer, ambitious, and fearless. Join us as we enter a new year, 2021, with a new found hope and strength. 

I was raised by a grandfather who embodied the true Azorean culture and traditions of Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun. He was the founding member of the Santo Cristo Hall in South San Francisco in 1929 — a year that many could have given up due to the tides of what was happening in society. They did not give up, they became stronger and persevered creating a living legacy in the South San Francisco area. 

I am so humbled and honored to be in a leadership role in this organization and see a glorious future in store for all of us. Our faithful directors will do their part to fill our future with many celebrations. My sincere appreciation goes to all members near and far who tirelessly and enthusiastically attend and participate in the hall's endeavors.

It is YOU, the membership, that makes our historic organization and we need your ideas, opinions, and work ethic to bring to life what our ancestors began in 1888. So, I ask that you join us as we enter 2021. Attend our Zoom meetings, participate in our celebrations when we open again, lead a committee, or just be a member. All aspects are important and are the true pieces of this Portuguese puzzle of IDESST Sausalito. 

I thank you, and as my grandfather always said to me, "Always go forward" "Sempre vá em frente." We must go forward with the fire that our ancestors set. See you soon!


Our Mission 

  • To preserve the veneration and celebration of the Holy Ghost
  • To preserve and promote Portuguese culture and values
  • To provide educational, charitable and religious activities consistent therewith
  • To provide a comfortable and relaxing social meeting place for IDESST members
  • To create and maintain an environment that is fun and rewarding for the IDESST Portuguese Cultural Center volunteers; and to do all of this while emphasizing quality over quantity

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is an acronym for the name 
Irmandade do Divino Espírito Santo e Santíssima Trindadewhich translates as "Brotherhood of the Divine Holy Spirit and Blessed Trinity." The IDESST was incorporated in 1904 and is an IRS 501(c)(8) non-profit association.



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